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I have always loved fishing, and while fishing probably always will remain the main focus of GBC, I enjoy a lot of other activities that enable me to spend more time on the water and share my appreciation of Gardiner's Bay with others. This could mean taking you, your family or friends on a tour of some of our beautiful harbors, birding Cartwright Shoals, exploring behind Gardiner's Island, or shooting across to the North Fork for lunch at Claudios. You decide.

I have a Grady-White Seafarer 226. It's a beautiful boat and provides nice shelter from winds and water spray. It accommodates several people comfortably. For fishing, that means 4-5 guests, but usually only fishing 2-3 lines at a time. For other charters, we can handle more guests. The boat is powered by a Yamaha 225 four-stroke engine, providing a smooth and quiet ride. 
We're very fortunate to have such a wide range of fish to chase in our area. Stripe bass seem to get the most attention, and certainly, there's a lot to be said for pulling in a fish over 2 and a half feet long. We can target them as close as Gardiner Point (the Ruins), Plum Gut or the Race. But I actually prefer catching bluefish -- great fighters and equally good in the smoker.  They can be found in these same places, but occur more abundantly throughout the Bay. 

Throughout the spring and summer, we can go for fluke and porgie -- the latter are abundant, and especially fun for kids because of the steady action. 

Sea bass and blackfish round out the action -- lots of fun and plenty tasty.

I've been fishing these waters for over a decade, and while I catch my share of fish, I don't claim to be an expert. My goal is to fish responsibly and share my love of this sport. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned salt, we'll do our best to provide the experience that's right for you.
Birds have been a passion for me since childhood, and were an important impetus for me choosing a career as a conservationist biologist. This gave me the opportunity to work through much of Africa and the Caribbean, based most of that time in the Eastern Caribbean island of Antigua. For me now on the East End, gannets have replaced boobies; chickadees not bananaquits fill my yard; and common terns are now, in fact, more common than the bridled and sooty terns I would see in the Caribbean. But many species are the same, including osprey and numerous shorebirds.

We can check out the oystercatchers and skimmers nesting on Cartwright Shoals, the gulls nesting on the Ruins, or take a little longer trip to Great Gull Island. This small island of only 17 acres is defended by the largest concentration of nesting common terns in the world (9,500 pairs). Another 1,300 pairs of roseate terns, the largest nesting concentration of this endangered species in the Western Hemisphere, also breed here.

​Leaving from Three Mile Harbor, we are easy striking distance to many beautiful and interesting destinations. Gardiner's Island, located about 5 miles to the north, is the hub of my charter business. Convenient, and with excellent fishing and birding, much of my time is spent in the waters surrounding this island. But the shoreline to the east (Accabonac Harbor, Napeague Harbor and the stretch to Montauk), to the west (Jessep's Neck, Sag Harbor and Shelter Island) and north to Shelter Island and the North Fork, all offer good sightseeing.
Half Day (4 hrs): $450
Full Day (7 hrs): $600
Hourly: $150/hr, 2 hr minimum

Includes all equipment and bait.